Sunday, 23 May 2010


Change is a curious thing. I know very few people who willingly allow their lives to be twisted and morphed out of shape every time change comes along, and yet really, there is nothing we can do to stop it. We can try to delay it, change the change (ironic) in some way, or deny it, but in the end, it still happens.

And it happens on a daily basis. Little things change all the time, and we don't kick up a fuss. We discover new things, meet new people, adapt and change our environment and clothing to the current mood we're in or phase we're going through.

Despite this, most of us act totally surprised when slightly larger changes come around the corner. We often don't see them coming, but they do, and we're never prepared. At least, I know that I never fail to get knocked off my feet by some big(ish) news or a different situation.

My point is this: I should be prepared for change. I ask God to change me, I ask people to point out to me the things about me which need changing, and I wish for change to happen, and yet when it does I'm still surprised. Why? I've asked for it! We should expect change to happen, and be excited about it. We should welcome new opportunities and situations which we may not be totally comfortable with, so that we can experience new things and become more rounded characters. We should even embrace changes which we may not particularly like, because, in the long run, they will make us who we were designed to be.

It's my aim, anyway.

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