Saturday, 28 May 2011

Prom: Happiness.

I could say many, many things about Prom. I could talk about how it compared to the typical Americanised dream of prom, about boys and girls, about dresses, and vehicles, and dancing, and music, and love, and laughter, and socialising, and award ceremonies, and alcohol, and after parties.

I could mention all of these things, but I won't. Instead, I'm going to talk about happiness.

The thing about happiness is that it comes in many different forms, and through many different mediums. For instance, the happiness you feel when you get given a present is different to the happiness you feel when you discover that someone you know has become engaged, or when you manage to achieve something for the first time.

For me, last night signified the realisation of how many people I love. As I 'mingled' around the room and had to decide who I was going to go and talk to at that precise minute, it struck me how accepted I've recently become by a certain group of friends - a group who I would love to be more of a part of. This, in its simple form, made me happy.

Last night also made me happy in that it was a chance to forget about everything. I didn't need to think about complications, or bad gossip, or the evil that is rooted somewhere in everybody's hearts. I didn't think about anything deep, moral, serious, thought-provoking, or upsetting - on purpose. I thought shallow thoughts, and wallowed in the happiness that this freedom brought; fully aware that I could not live thinking in such a way long-term, but that for one night it would be bliss. And bliss it was.

I was also giddy with excitement. The adrenaline of being chauffeur-driven in a pink Hummer limousine, with some of my closest friends, dressed to the nines, was amazing.

Being noticed also gives a buzz of happiness. The pleasant compliments from both genders on how you look, on your dress and your hair, etc. Being noticed, rather than being invisible. I felt good. Which had been my main aim in the first place. I didn't really care whether I looked good to other peoples' standards, so long as I felt good.

For one night, it was wonderful to let it all go. To have fun. To spend time with many beautiful and wonderful people, and just enjoy it without overthinking and analysing and wishing for more. To be shallow and instinctive, and individual. To just be completely, 100% happy.