Friday, 3 June 2011

On Makeup

Something that has always annoyed me about myself is that I actually hate makeup. I hate the idea that girls (and, not to be stereotypical, some boys) cover their faces in makeup to try and improve their appearance. In my ideal world, we would all just look natural.

Why? Because there is so much pressure to look ‘good’ when we move on from natural beauty (which I sincerely believe everyone possesses), to unnatural and fake beauty. Trends start appearing, fashion takes over, and suddenly beauty’s very meaning is diminished, for all we become concerned about is a person’s madeup face, as well as their body and styled hair and fashion-related clothes. Beauty was never meant to be about manmade things. Inner beauty is what really matters. It breaks my heart that the majority of people nowadays only look at people on surface level, especially as acquaintances.

The reason why it annoys me so much? I’m guilty. I succumb to the pressure, just like 99% of other girls. Because if I don’t, I feel inadequate. I can feel people I know staring at me in disbelief. I feel ugly, and slobbish. Even though I know that that is just due to the mindset and society we live in, and that makeup is just a cover, and has no real significance.

The other thing is that most of the pressure I feel to wear makeup does not come from the opposite sex. For me, makeup is not about attracting guys, or trying to impress them. It’s about keeping the critical, gossiping females at bay, and impressing them.

Oh, the trivial worries of the human race.

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